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Release Year: 1980
Studio: TMX, Mustang Studios, Bijou Classics
Cast: Steve Taylor, Sam Beuson, Frank Ross, Dan Noble, Will Seagers, Al Parker, Duff Paxton, Rob Stevens, Jack Wrangler, RW Stone
Genres: Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Outdoor Sex, Muscle Men, Vintage

One of two films with both Al Parker and Jack Wrangler. Wrangler plays an evil pri guard, men into having sex with him. Parker escapes with straight fellow prier Will Seagers, who can't bear the thought of having gay sex. They are chained together for most of the escape a la The Defiant Ones.

1. Pri Plunger
Jack Wrangler OrAt, Ray Vega Og, Sam Ben OgAb, Al Parker nonsex, Will Seagers nonsex
In the pri, Stone is kneeling on the floor wearing loose fitting white pri undershorts. Pri guard Wrangler is probing the front of his shorts with his rifle threatening to pull the trigger while Stone sucks Wrangler through his open fly. Parker and Seagers watch (wearing the same shorts). Wrangler order Stone to jerk his own dick and then Wrangleres on his bearded face. Seagers says that they will be Wrangler's victims some time soon and vows that he won't stick around for the experience.
2. Cabin Fever
Will Seagers nonsex, Al Parker Ogr, Duff Paxton Ogr
The two escapees walk into a cabin with a fire already burning in the fireplace. Waiting behind the door they capture the resident (Duff Paxton, wearing a thick facial stubble) and tie him up. Later that night, Seagers wakes to hear Parker and Paxton sucking each other. A clenched fist seems to indicate Seagers' disapproval. Still tied up Paxton and Parker 69, Parker cuming on Paxton's hairy chest. Paxton cums too but it is not obvious when and Parker does a lot more sucking after that point with Paxton writhing underneath him.
3. Al Parker solo, Will Seagers nonsex
The next day, while running across a field, still chained together, Seagers suddenly attacks Parker. Asked why, Seagers explains that this is the way he treat queers but he can't explain why he didn't do anything to stop last night's activities. Later theye to a place where Seagers finds an ax head and uses it to break the chain and separate the two. Parkeres to a stream and, stripped down to a bare chest exposing his classic torso, Parker jerks himself off.
4. Military Maneuvers
Al Parker Ab, Rob Stevens (80s), Dan Noble At
Parker lateres across Seagers who's leg is caught in an animal trap. Parker frees him and they continue on together. Late at night the two reunited priers talk and Seagers asks questions about Parker's sexuality. Explaining about his first time for man-sex, he sets the scene for a shower three-way in an army barracks.
5. Hungry Farm Hand
Al Parker Ogr, Steve Taylor (80s) Ogr
The conversation with Seagers sets up the next flash back to a ranch where Parker and foreman Taylor make love in the hay. Parker is bare chested washing up when Taylor walks up and puts a lip lock on him. Laying down, Taylor opens Parkers fly and starts sucking. Standing naked with a string tied around his cock and balls, Taylor gets sucked with a lot of emphasis on saliva strings.
6. Deep in the Woods
Al Parker Og, Will Seagers Or
Seagers is jacking off by himself when discovered by Parker. Parker knees before him and says "You keep asking me what it is all about. You're going to feel something you have never could with a woman." Deep throat, nose in the bush, blowjob! Parker coaxes a load out of his fellow escapee. They two lay naked on the rocks beside the stream when a bullhorn announces that the sheriff has the two surrounded. After the closing credits, somehow they have their clothes on again and are running. As they split up, Seagers says "Cooper, be careful... cocksucker."

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Cat's Cradle

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Release Year: 1991
Studio: Grapik Art Productions
Cast: Cougar Cash (master), Angel
Genres: Vintage, BDSM, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Bondage, Fetish, Domination, Blowjob
Video language: English

Cougar Cash is often followed home by an adoring lad, but his problem is finding one who can hang with his tough love. Neer Angel is determined to take everything Cougar can dish out. Together there is no hiding the smoldering passion. Non-stop bondage and discipline is the price the lad must pay.

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Male Instinct

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Release Year: 1992
Studio: Falcon-Mustang
Cast: Adam Archer Alex Carrington Bill Marlowe Danny Sommers Eric Stone Gino Colbert Mitch Rabida Rod Garetto
Genres: Anal, Oral, Vintage, General Hardcore, Condoms

Bill Marlowe, Alex Carrington, Adam Archer and Eric Stone turn up the heat in a primal fuckfest. Mustang puts you behind bars with this erotic thriller. Covermodel Danny Somers, looking good enough to eat, stars in this racy adventure into the life of all-male sex. With a blistering cast of sensual men that will keep you cumming all night long.1. Rod Garetto, Bill Marlowe Rod Garetto and Bill Marlowe lose their heads in their lavender love nest where they freely feed on each other’s plump stumps and then pump rumps.2. Alex Carrington, Danny Sommers You can argue which one is jailbait — Alex Carrington or Danny Somers; both of them cute and horny enough to incite a riot. But who cares as the captive couple while away the time checking out each other’s secret passages.3. Adam Archer, Gino Colbert Adam Archer doesn’t know how to say “Enough” and Gino Colbert has his hands full trying to keep up … his hands, his tongue, his cock and a big latex dildo, just in case.4. Alex Carrington, Bill Marlowe After his stint in the clink, Alex Carrington is out free and eager to show Bill Marlowe all the tricks he learned in the big house! He’s certainly learned his les!5. Danny Sommers, Mitch Rabida, Eric Stone Danny Somers, Mitch Rabadi and Eric Stone discover the joys of pri love. It’s rough, tough, forbidden, but so much fun. Who wouldn’t want to be locked up in a cell with these thugs?

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Mikey Likes It Lewd Dude Mikey Gosta Disso

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Release Year: 1986
Studio: Canyon Studio , Metro Home Video , Vidco WR Filmes
Cast: Chip Douglas, Cory Baker (Mikey), Justin Rhodes, Kevin Ross, Ricky Rhodes, Rob Monroe, Sergio Canali
Genres: Bareback, Cum Shots, Rimming, Twinks, Anal/Oral Sex, Vintage

Lewd Mikey satisities his sex starved appetite by having his friends fill his every orifice. It's hot fast action as hard, throbbing cocks pound deep and fast into willing mouths and tight ass-holes longing to shoot their white hot loads all over each other. Plenty of hard cocks, tight young asses and some incredible cum-filled fucking will have you acting like a Lewd Dude stroking your cock wihsing to be invited to join in the hot action and fun. - Hard Hunks Collection Series.

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Pin Me

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Release Year: 1989
Studio: Video 10 , By Attraction
Cast: Chris Stone
Genres: Fetish, Muscles, Jocks, Anal, Hardcore, Wrestling, Safe Sex

Attraction Video is proud to present PIN ME. Action so hot you will be on the edge of your seat, or your lover's. Get a mat and a partner, Referee is oppional. In some struggles, there are ALWAYS winners! These guys know how to play the game.

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Release Year: 1986
Studio: Catalina Video
Cast: Jeff Stryker, John Davenport, Michael Gere, Tony Bravo, Jeff Converse, Gary Owen, Tom Mitchell, Tony Marino, Brian Estevez, Danny Russo
Genres: Anal, Oral Sex, Big Cocks, Double Penetration, Muscles, Pre-Condom, Prison, Solo, Threesome

Plug into this high torque tale of riveting sex, but look for a power surge from sexsational Jeff Stryker, the biggest cover boy sensation ever! Jeff lands in jail on a set up and is grilled, drilled, and thrilled by inmates, guards, and buddies. Driven by the talents of Michael Gere, Tony Bravo, and the electrifying John Davenport, this feature cuts through to the core of hard sex that gets the job done!
The movie that made Jeff Stryker an international superstar is now available in a special 10th Anniversary Edition. This restored and remastered John Travis Blockbuster holds the title of Best-Selling All Male Adult video of all time. Our edition contains 3 bonus segments: Behind the scenes, the making of Powertool, Jeff Stryker: The Early Years, and a solo performance by Jeff Stryker.

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Le Sexe Des Anges

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Release Year: 1977
Studio: Lionel Soukaz Prodiccion
Cast: Bruno Maddalena, Pierre Benz, Michel Cyprien, Olivier Desbordes, Didou, François Duprat, François Fries, Patrice Gouron, David Jackson, Jean-Louis, Tom Myers, Patrick Talhouain, Kamel Tounssi
Genres: Softcore, Masturbation, Featuring, Classic, Oral, Anal

The film runs 44 min and has never been released on video anywhere in the world.

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Duration: 43:52
Video: 560x416, XviD, 1464kbps
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The Best of Jeff Stryker

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Release Year: 1987
Studio: Catalina Video
Cast: Jeff Stryker, Adam Grant, Jeff Converse, Kevin Wiles, Mike Henson, Mike Ryan, Ricky Turner, Tony Bravo
Genres: Compilation, Anal, Oral, Cumshots, Threeways, Verbal Abuse, Rimming, Classic

The one, the only, the "Powertool" himself, Mr. Jeff Stryker. Having made a - forgive the pun - "massive" impact on the industry for over a decade, Catalina Video put together a "best of"pilation. (To be honest, his "duds" are few and far between.) Here is Jeff in all his rough-talking, filthy-mouthed, ass-pounding, gag-inducing glory as the anaconda between his legs is let loose upon an unsuspecting world, as well as legions of still-crazed fans.
Gay porn, bedroom dirty talk, and in all likelihood more than a few unprepared bottoms have never been the same since he burst upon the scene. Pun intended. Footage included here is from Powertool, In Hot Pursuit, and Portrait of Jeff Stryker. While I'm usually not a fan ofpilations, every scene here is a good one, and this is essential for Stryker-lovers.

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Hot Pursuit

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Release Year: 1992
Studio: Falcon
Cast: Aiden Shaw, Brett Ford, Cameron Taylor (II), Chuck Hunter, Cliff Parker, David Montana, Dean Johnson, Jason Andrews, Joe Romero, Michael Steel, Steve Gibson, Steve Vega, Ted Matthews, Tony Belmonte
Genres: Classic, anal, oral, general hardcore, condoms

hung David Montana has encounter after encounter while he searches San Francisco's famous "South of Market" in pursuit of blond jock Ja Andrews. With Cliff Parker, Ted Matthews, Brett Ford and Falcon's sensational exclusive Chuck Hunter.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:27:12
Video: 720x540, AVC (H.264), 1949kbps
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Release Year: 1988
Studio: Global Pictures
Cast: Darren Thomas, Dan Stephens, Sean Cruise,Byron Rogers, Jay Richards, Raul Jose, Paul Jacobs, J.D. Corbins, Dave Thompkins, Vince Janos, Marc Kelly Keith Holman
Genres: Bareback, Pre-Condom, Cum Shots, Facial, Rimming, Threesome, Twinks, Muscle Men, Anal/Oral Sex, Vintage

Nine episodes show what happens to "addickted" guys--sixteen of them--when they're treated with T.L.C. (which means tender, loving cock) in this film by Robert Prion.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:24:35
Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1928kbps
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